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  Rick Lasquete                  Actor                             SAG/AFTRA

Rick Lasquete's Photo Gallery (Theatrical)
Television Set Shots (Silicon Valley, Trauma, Generation Brazil, Killer Hornets From Hell, Pomplamoose Music Video)
Film Set Shots
"A Million Miles Away" & "Possessed" & "Offsprung"
"Rain" & "Journey of Dreams"
Theater Set Shots    (Hungry Tour 2016 Cast (Director), Grandfather's Journey, Putting It Together, Sweetie Tanya The Demon Barista of Valencia St., It's About Time (Already) )
  "The Interview" & "Generations"
"Charades" & "Unlucky Stars"
  "Two Mothers" 
  "One Son"
  "Playground of Dreams" & "Die, Monster Die!"
  "The Other Side of the Wall"
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"Birth of the Dragon"
"When We Rise" TV Movie Series
Justine Demo Reel Set Shots