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​We are on this planet for a purpose. Each of us have a job to figure out what that is, to embrace it and to pursue it with passion and purpose. RL
Rick Lasquete ®
This story of Marshall the Miracle Dog touched me profoundly in many different ways. It's a story that inspires me to reflect on beginnings, the journey and how I can affect change in my life through how I treat others and the empathy I can share with those around me.

The thing that caught my ear by the end of this video was "Miracle Dog". It reminded me of a story that my mother told me as a kid. I think she told it to me as a way of her expressing her feelings of how special I was to her and my dad and to also instill in me that I'm a fighter and should always approach my life with that spirit. Later, as a kid, her catch phrase was "I don't care what you become, just be the best (you can be)!" It still echos in my memory.

So before I was born, my parents had been trying very hard to have a child together. Try as they might, mom kept having miscarriage after miscarriage. Some miscarried right away while others where actually born and then died shortly thereafter.  In the fifties, I guess this wasn't too uncommon but because my mom and dad's Rh factors were different (dad was positive and mom was negative) and medical technology in that area was not then what it is today, the miscarriages kept coming. So then mom got pregnant with me and with that came great hope but also great wariness. When the day came, my mom went into labor grateful that the pregnancy had gone well thus far. 

Arriving at the hospital, mom began hemorrhaging and was then rushed into delivery. What was found was that I was coming out breach (face up rather than face down) and I was essentially drowning in the blood. (This part of the story always amused me because even as a child I was always inquisitive not wanting to miss a thing.) It was touch and go for a while and because it was such an unusual situation there were interns and residents that were called in to witness the situation. Mom tells it that she was feeling like she was going to die and that her one wish was that the baby would live. Back then C-sections were not common but that was the last resort the doctor was holding. 

Apparently, at the last possible moment, totally inexplicably, I turned my body around and was born, within minutes of my mother dying and me along with her drowning in the blood. The doctor proclaimed me the "Miracle Baby" in front of the onlooking interns and residents. 

Thus came the story that mom would tell and I would proudly love to hear every time she did. :-)

Along with the journey that has been uniquely mine, this story and experience resonates for me with the story of Marshall the Miracle Dog. I think it is a story that many connect with for different reasons but the common connector is that we are all human . It hits our humanity chord and reminds us what we are really on this planet for. Compassion, Helping Others, Sharing Joy.  

That's what being an actor (and a human) is for me...
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